Can you
imagine getting
your mortgage from home?

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Are you looking to finance your dream property?

Fimobilia supports you making your dream come true. With us, you are in the driver’s seat. Using our innovative platform, you save valuable time and can provide all data and documents conveniently and securely.

Do you want to refinance an existing mortgage?

Fimobilia helps you optimize your existing mortgage. We make sure that at the end of the day you actually get a better deal.

You need a sound real estate valuation

You want to know the value of your property? Thanks to our partners, we can provide you with a competitive appraisal within 24 hours.


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Enough with complicated. With Fimobilia your Mortgage will be simple because, unlike others, we combine what is important with necessities, present it to you in a clear and transparent way, act fairly and eye-to-eye trying to put together the best overall package for you so that you can make one of the biggest financial decisions in your life in a safe and relaxed way.


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The Fimobilia affordability calculator

Dreaming about owning your own apartment or house with a backyard? Calculate easily and quickly on the basis of your free available income to what extent you can fulfill your wishes!

The Fimobilia Mortgage Calculator

With just a few entries, you can quickly and easily calculate the possible mortgage for your dream property based on non-binding information.

Fimobilia Platform

Using our platform, you can manage the entire financing process from your couch. You get feedback in real time, upload all the documents securely and find your offers presented clearly structured

We advise
and support.
Digitally. In close dialog.
& transparent..

Simple Mortgage journey

Once you have found your property, the champagne is ready to pop. But then comes the bureaucracy. Wrong advice or mortgage financing can cost you a lot of nerves. We are here to support you in financing matters. Profound, digital and unbureaucratic.

    easier sales for your clients

    You have your hands full? We are happy to take something off your back. We support real estate experts where our decades of experience lie. Because when it comes to mortgages, we’re at home.

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