in good hands

Looking to review your mortgage?

A changed environment, economic or private, is usually a good reason to have the existing mortgage reviewed. Especially with variable interest rates or foreign currencies, this is a clear advice.

Don't feel like doing paperwork?

With Fimobilia, we make it easy for you. Thanks to our digital process, you can easily enter the required information of the refinancing on our platform, saving you valuable time.

Thinking of renovating your property?

Phasing out fossil fuels can be a costly endeavor. Adding to your existing mortgage can help. Fimobilia supports you with your plans.

the right way!

As with any new mortgage, it is advisable to compare market offers for your refinancing! However, this is often where the hurdles start, because hardly anyone has the time to obtain and compare several financing offers.

At Fimobilia you are exactly right if you are looking for a clear and simple comparison!

Does refinancing pay off?

It is worthwhile if you took out a loan or a building society loan a few years ago; you want to pay a lower monthly installment over a possibly adjusted term or you possibly want to repay several loans and reduce your loan installment to one installment. In each of these cases, we will analyze the optimal solution for you.

When will I receive first offers?

Once we have received the necessary documents and information from you, it usually takes 2 business days until you receive a meaningful comparison of several offers.

Why should I work with Fimobilia?

We take over a large part of the work for our customers, which is usually done by the respective bank. The big advantage for you is that we submit one request to several banks simultaneously. We see ourselves as an extended arm between you and Lenders, saving you valueable time.

Doesn't refinancing involve additional costs?

Only if you get to unserious consultants. We even commit ourselves to offer you only solutions which are more favorable than your existing financing. Nevertheless, there are some points, such as penalties, land registry entries, etc. that we also consider for you.

Aren't intermediaries and platforms more expensive?

Unfortunately there are also providers who charge for their services a pretty significant fee for brokering your mortgage. At Fimobilia we ask you to help us with data and documents. Therefore our costs are by far cheaper compared to the average. The big plus: We charge our fee only if we finalize your financing together with you! You wont find any binding or obligatory contracts with us.

Isn't it easier to go to my local bank?

Obviously that is always a possibility! But even if you already have a new offer from your bank, a comparison is highly recommended. But even if you already have a new offer from your bank, a comparison is recommended. Different banks offer different products, which vary in terms of acceptance guidelines, terms, interest rates, etc. A comparison is always valuable.