Looking for a professional partner to market your properties more efficiently?

Fimobilia offers your customers financing solutions to save you valuable time & resources. So you can focus on your customers with a clear conscience.

Tired of the same old processes?

It is our goal to make mortgages simpler for consumers and faster for literally everyone. We reduce process time by up to 50% compared to competitors

Innovation with Mortgages?

Yes, there is! With our Fimobilia platform, you have all the essential information in your pocket and can simply give us the names of interested parties digitally. We take care of the the rest and all details!

Looking for competency in project finance?

In the course of our careers, we have built up & bundled comprehensive expertise in project financing for the real estate industry. 

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Why should we cooperate with Fimobilia?

Before we founded Fimobilia, we gained more than 30 years of banking experience. We therefore know what clients and banks need in order to obtain swift mortgage / financing commitments.

Where do you stand out in comparison to "classic" mortgage brokers?

The sector is subject to a regulated trade, so there are no formal differences. However, we have started exactly where we think the gap is the biggest: digitalisation with lean processes and regular communication between all parties involved!

I already have a cooperation with a Mortgage Broker!

Great, so you’ve already experienced the challenges around Mortgages. We believe that there is an easier, faster and more efficient way. With us, there are also no contracts that commit you to us. We would be happy to show you our solution!

What are your references?

Since we started, we have been able to convince a number of renowned providers and PropTechs on the Austrian market of our capabilities and services. Among them are property developers, brokers and cooperatives. We would be happy to provide you with details in a meeting.