Frequently asked

What exactly does Fimobilia do?

Fimobilia has made it its goal to simplify real estate financing in Austria. For our market launch in autumn 2021, we are offering our service with selected brokers in Austria and of course directly to end customers. Our service makes it easier than ever for customers to find the right financing. And all in 8 simple steps:


  1. Have you found your dream property? As soon as you or your estate agent have an exposé, you can start.
  2. You register on our secure platform with your email address and a password
  3. With some additional data, we can carry out a non-binding and free assessment of your financing requirements. Here you will get an initial indication of whether your dream is feasible.
  4. If you are satisfied with the information, we still need some data from you. This can all be done simply and easily via our platform. If you still need support, we will be happy to do this together with you (e.g. via telephone or chat).
  5. Based on your data, you will receive one or more offers from our partner banks, initially without obligation. Only if these meet your expectations will the next step be taken and we will take action for you.
  6. You provide us with further – somewhat detailed – data from you and simply upload the required documents to our platform. We take care of the rest.
  7. Of course, you will always receive a precise overview of all costs and ongoing information about the status of your financing.
  8. One of our partner banks processes the application and sends us / you the ESIS* (*EuropeanStandardised Information Sheet). Here, too, you have enough time to read through everything at your leisure and discuss any open questions with us. Now there is basically nothing standing in the way of concluding your financing.
What kind of real estate financing exactly does Fimobilia offer?

Fimobilia supports construction financing projects for owner-occupied homes. Whether it’s a single-family house, apartment building or condominium: Fimobilia is your partner for a wide range of real estate financing. Get your concrete offer* with a non-binding financing enquiry. (*not binding until receipt of the ESIS)

Who is behind Fimobilia?

At Fimobilia, we see ourselves as specialists in private construction financing. The Austrian start-up was founded in 2021. We have a dense network of real estate, financing and legal experts throughout Austria. Thanks to our streamlined setup and our innovative digital application process, we are able to offer our customers a fast and attractive offer from renowned banks. You can reach us directly. The best way is via telephone from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 at +43 (0)1 23 52 439, via our website or the Fimobilia platform.

Is Fimobilia a bank?

No. Fimobilia is your digital specialist for private real estate financing. We offer you easy access to attractive financing offers. At our market launch – where everything may not yet be perfect – we offer our service through selected real estate agents and to end customers. We are working intensively on the further development of our services.

How does Fimobilia earn money?

We receive a commission from the credit institutions if we successfully arrange real estate financing for you. This commission is calculated from the financing amount and can be co-financed if desired. But don’t worry, our commission is usually much lower than what you will find on the Austrian market.

Is Fimobilia cheaper than my house bank?

We are not a bank, but a direct provider that determines the right construction financing for you from a variety of offers. Fimobilia has specialised entirely in real estate financing and can thus bundle the processing of your loan request as efficiently as possible. This saves costs and enables us to offer you particularly favourable conditions.

Is requesting an offer from Fimobilia already binding?

No. For us, the financing request is the basis of your individual situation and your needs. You will receive non-binding offers from us regarding the feasibility and conditions of your request. If one of these offers does not suit you, you can terminate the process at any time – naturally without incurring any costs. It only becomes binding for you after you have received or signed the ESIS information sheet and the loan agreements at the financing bank of your choice.

What happens after you have received my financing application?

Immediately after receiving your financing application, you can – self-directed – continue the process entirely according to your wishes. Of course, you will always have our experienced staff at your side, who will competently support and accompany you throughout the entire financing phase.

The first steps, such as the non-binding financing check, are carried out automatically for you by the platform – according to the information you provide. For your individual financing offer, we need further information and some documents that we can use to check and consolidate the information in your financing application and forward it to our partner banks. You can easily see which documents we need in our platform.

Tip: The sooner we receive the complete documents, the sooner we can forward their financing commitment to you in coordination with our partner banks. You can upload all documents easily and securely on our platform.

What does the Log In button mean?

If you are already registered, you can go directly to the secure access of our platform here.

How can I register with Fimobilia?

You have the following options for registration:
Via your email address and a password of your choice or via your Google or Facebook account.