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Enough with complicated. With Fimobilia your Mortgage will be simple because, unlike others, we combine what is important with necessities, present it to you in a clear and transparent way, act fairly and eye-to-eye trying to put together the best overall package for you so that you can make one of the biggest financial decisions in your life in a safe and relaxed way.

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Who is Fimobilia?

Fimobilia is your personal Mortgage platform. All interested parties who need financing or want to refinance their existing mortgage are in good hands with us! Our team has many years of expertise in banking and lending and takes care of your real estate financing. We compile quotes from more than 20 banks and support you in all aspects of realizing your dream home..

Why should I work with Fimobilia?

We take over a large part of the work for our customers, which is usually done by the respective bank. The big advantage for you is that we submit one request to several banks simultaneously. We see ourselves as an extended arm between you and Lenders, saving you valueable time.

Isn't it easier to go to my local bank?

Obviously that is always a possibility! But even if you already have a new offer from your bank, a comparison is highly recommended. But even if you already have a new offer from your bank, a comparison is recommended. Different banks offer different products, which vary in terms of acceptance guidelines, terms, interest rates, etc. A comparison is always valuable.

Aren't intermediaries and platforms much more expensive?

There are providers, who charge for their services a more or less significant fee for processing your Mortgage. With Fimobilia we work hand in hand with you obtaining data and documents. Since you do (a small) part of the work, our costs are much lower than the average market offers. The big plus: We charge our fee only once you successfully secured your mortgage. You will not find any binding or obligatory contracts with us.

When will I get the first quotes?

Once we have received the necessary documents and information from you, it usually takes 2 business days until you receive a meaningful comparison of several offers.

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