How it works?

1. Get started with your account
– Register and create your individual Fimobilia profile

– The Fimobilia- profile allows you to:

  • enter and process your financing request
  • to save and continue the processing at any time
  • return to steps when you have the necessary information ready
  • add additional properties
  • refinance an existing mortgage at a more favorable rate

– Our Fimobilia Support – Team will assist you and will:

check all the information you have provided and inform you if you have overlooked something
together with our product partners, find a financing that suits you and your pre-selection
give you our recommendation and explain why we would have chosen it for you

This takes an average of 24 hours, but may take a little more time depending on your individual situation, up to a maximum of five business days.

2. Follow our six convenient steps

– General information and feedback

Tell us a few key data about yourself and the property of your choice, so that we can customize our further steps for you. This will give you an initial indication of whether your project is financeable.

And don’t worry: Fimobilia uses a bank-standard encryption (note: AWS) to protect your data.

– First financing variants

Our platform suggests initial variants of possible financing offers. You simply select the one that suits you best.

– Complete your self-disclosure

In order to make you an individual offer, banks need information about your personal financial circumstances, whether you want to finance alone or with a co-borrower, and about your equity. Don’t worry, we will support you and make it as easy as possible. If you still have questions – our support team will be happy to assist you.


3. Upload documents in one safe place

Your application for forwarding to the bank is almost ready!
Please still upload the following documents in your Fimobilia – profile:

  • Bank statements
  • salary slips
  • Photo ID
  • residence registration form
  • a contract of sale and available documents about your real estate object.
4. Let us do the work for you

– Tracking the progress of your application

Once your documents are complete and have been forwarded to the bank by our Fimobilia support team:

Start initial detailed checks (credit history, affordability, eligibility and property details (may take approximately 3 to 5 days).

Our Fimobilia support team maintains regular contact with the banks to ensure that everything is going according to plan and keeps you informed every step of the way. If additional information is requested, you will be notified through your Fimobilia profile. Once everything is done, you will receive an email from us.

– Your binding offer (ESIS)

The bank will now make an evaluation of the property to see if it is worth the amount you are willing to pay for it.
If everything is in order, the lender will accept your application and send you a binding financing offer.

– Finalizing the home purchase / refinance

When you purchase or refinance a property, your attorney or escrow officer will:

  • confirm that everything is ready to secure the mortgage through the bank
  • schedule an appointment with the seller and their attorney